By: Kyle Pope |

We recently had the honor of being interviewed by PK of Grow Magazine. Check out our 6-page feature below!

One thing is for certain: indoor hydroponics is not the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about sustainability. The equipment you need along with the electricity to run and control it all makes it seem that sun-grown is the only way. That is until I met Kyle Pope, owner of Artisan Grown in Oregon. This Desert Storm/Gulf War, USMC veteran quickly disproved any doubt that an indo-hydro setup could be done sustainably. Instead of soil and sunshine, he has chosen to use what he knows about plant cell growth and LED technology to produce an A++ product using a fraction of the energy compared to many setups we see today. Before we dive into a full-on interview, Kyle and I first sesh up with some of his King Cake Chem, followed by a few rips of his Royal Highness, with anthocyanins so powerful they turn the bong water purple; no lie. After achieving a wonderfully lifted state from an impressive smoke- out, he goes on to tell me his story.

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