By: Kyle Pope |

The best way to understand grow lights is to picture the sun. In the center there is the deepest red-hot zone which changes color and hue as one moves away from the core to the surface. This variation produces multi-directional lighting which affects living things as well as plants in their grow cycle. Advanced growers understand that the quality of a cannabis product is directly correlated with the way light (photons) falls and penetrates plants.

Artisan Grown cannabis uses proprietary lighting technology to focus an even and maximum amount of light on its plants. Artisan Grown’s LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights are manufactured to our specifications. Artisan Grown is the exclusive grower who has access to this technology.

Our facility employs a light specialist whose experience running a light laboratory produced the design and spectrum which we exploit. We are both conserving light and focusing it directly on the Artisan Grown plant canopy. There is a correlation that can be demonstrated between the type, color, and distance from our LEDs and the grade, class and caliber of our product.

When a beam of sunlight is split through a prism, it produces a number of color bands ranging from red to violet. These bands correspond to the type of frequencies emitted by the light source. The Artisan Grown proprietary LEDs have been built after several years of analyzing wavelengths and frequencies between the infrared, visible and ultraviolet regions. These LEDs have unique abilities to cast artificial light.

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