By: Steven Lee | Artisan Grown

CANBY, Ore. (August 2018) – Enterprise Farm is an indoor hydroponic cannabis farm producing premium flower for the Oregon market. Its breakthrough product is sold as flower and extracts under the registered tradename Artisan Grown. It is suitable for all medical and recreational use.

Their team of experienced professionals has brought new hydroponic innovation, clean indoor growing, proprietary light technology, exclusively formulated nutrients and a passion for the most demanding consistency of product. Attention to detail and sustainability are the key production goals.

The company was founded in 2017 by three partners and has multiple Oregon grow licenses with big plans for expansion. The current production building is 5,400 sq. ft. and was entirely self-financed and constructed from the ground up. It meets or exceeds the highest-grade standards for any indoor cannabis grow.

“We are now designing next stage structures with engineers and architects for development on our 30-acre agricultural farm,” stated Founder Steven Lee. “We have plans for expansion on our property for additional flower production, strain development and perhaps processing.”

The company spent more than a year in experimental small batch development and refinement of its methods before building to suit for full scale harvests. The company has pursued, with success, off-grid cannabis cultivation using solar and other alternative energy sources. The Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) ( ) has incentives for energy-efficient equipment and Enterprise Farm and believes the ETO would like to scale up solar-grown cannabis production.

“Cannabis is a highly vulnerable plant with a tendency to need exceptional care,” said Kyle Pope, Founder and Director of Cultivation. “Artisan Grown is produced using our vital data-points which guide the growing team to control unexpected nuances and avoid common growth concerns.”

Enterprise Farm focuses on written Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) as well as ongoing experimentation to improve its workflow methods. The company is motivated to continually evolve and do cultivation smarter. This approach assures an exceptional final product. The August 2018 issue of Cannabis Business Times features Enterprise Farms’ success with unique off-grid growing and automation practices.

Proprietary SOPs contain, among other things, recorded instructions for pharmacology, temperature, air circulation, humidity, light/darkness exposure, and the overall science of cannabis. The company has spent the time and substantial capital to perfect its processes.

Enterprise is currently seeking more Oregon distribution, dispensaries and customers who demand premium product and who care about what enters their body.

“We understand the current evolution of this useful plant for recreation and relief among many segments of the population including seniors,” stated Founder Nick Griffin, MD.

“Oregon like the rest of the nation, is just discovering what cannabis can do for people. Towards this end, we at Enterprise Farm feel the knowledge and innovation we are pursuing will aid in moving the science of cannabis forward for everyone.”

The company welcomes your inquiry to one of our Partners, Kyle Pope, at 971-202-6539 or

About Enterprise Farm, LLC

Enterprise Farm is headquartered in Canby, Oregon. Three founding partner backgrounds include a former medical company CEO, a physician and a Marine who ran a light development laboratory. All three partners have many years of start-up venture experience in related fields. Enterprise is currently self-financed and focused on premium-quality cannabis.